For Temperature critical products like Vaccines, Diagnostic kits, biological samples, their storage temperature is critical and this needs to be maintained during transportation. Pharmaceutical materials are delicate and will deteriorate outside the acceptable temperature boundaries. Regulatory authorities and Quality systems dictate the temperature ranges under which certain products can be stored and transported.

When material needs to be shipped in a temperature controlled environment, it is often packed with a data logger for temperature monitoring. This records the temperature of the material on its journey from pick-up to destination delivery. Our dedicated Cold Chain team is here to help our customers understand the results of the temperature monitor data.

Tempcon Express Cold chain team and its operations staff understand the need of different temperature environments including:

  1. +2°C to -8°C Refrigerated.
  2. +15°C to -25°C Controlled ambient.
  3. -20°C & -70°C Frozen and deep frozen.
  4. -180°C Liquid nitrogen vapour shipper.

Tempcon Express has the capability to transport with a temperature range of -20°C to +20°C. Our team of experts is on hand to advise on the use of suitable temperature controlling packaging and bulk shipping containers. This service is provided by highly-skilled drivers who are trained to handle your materials. A temperature controlled vehicle is preferred for dispatching larger volume of product and where an airline has limitation to carry in the domestic network of India

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