Tempcon Express has an expert team for collection and delivery of biological samples, clinical trial shipments and patient samples. We know that the collection, temperature-controlled stability, re-packaging, timely delivery of your consignments are very critical throughout clinical research studies and launch of commercial products hence we would like to be recognized as a "leaders in mission-critical transportation for the life science industry".

Our logistics experts proactively track your clinical trial shipment using state-of-the-art logistics systems and ensure the collection, packaging, handling, customs clearance, and the safe and secure delivery of your consignments

Tempcon Express are very well versed with city centre investigator sites, or remote locations in difficult clinical trials sites, we deliver everything on time, every time, at the required temperature respecting the committed total Turn-around-time.

Value added services:
  1. 24/7 Operations support
  2. Most materials accepted under dangerous goods transportation regulations including perishable, hazardous & radioactive
  3. Validated packaging and temperature monitoring for all shipments to most global locations (including frozen, refrigerated & ambient)
  4. Proactive monitoring of consignment clearance and assistance with all customs queries to facilitate the timely clearance of your material
  5. Full classification of materials
  6. Experienced in dealing with customs & regulatory bodies ensures materials are cleared as quickly as possible
  7. Online booking
  8. Track and Trace
Some of the shipments that we carry :
  1. Organ & Tissue
  2. Blood Samples
  3. Cord Blood Banks & Cryogenics
  4. Labs, Clinical Trials and Cellular Therapies
  5. Veterinary Science Services
  6. Laboratory Animals Transport
  7. Equine Services
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